Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: Anne Hathaway Edition!

I'm not sure what Anne Hathaway - future ruler of Planet Earth - did to the marketers of her upcoming movies Passengers and Rachel Getting Married, but it's as if they actually want the film to fail and set Hathaway back a year or so on her quest to become the sole omnipotent being of the galaxy.

I recently mentioned how they made Anne look like Liv Tyler on the dodgy first poster for her thriller Passengers. Then recently they released the poster for her serious arthouse Oscar prestige picture Rachel Getting Married. I never mentioned it, but it was baaad! Take a look:

Oh sure, it could've been worse - it could have been Anne sitting in the corner surrounded by empty white space like a certain other similar title, but it's just so bland and boring and unimaginative. And the text used for the title is bugging me beyond belief. I mean, why is the "MARRIED" part raised so that it's flush with "GETTING" yet there is space between "RACHEL" and "GETTING"?!?! aagh. And "MARRIED" is in bold and starts a few millimetres before the other words in the title. I don't get it! I know it's entirely irrational, but it's peeving me off. Plus, any poster that uses a Pete Travers pull quote is almost always instantly bad.

Moving on and back to Passengers. This film has received a brand new Spanish poster (via) and... well... if you told me this was a direct-to-DVD title starring a bunch of people nobody has heard of outside of the offices of Troma I would gladly agree with you and mock these sad individuals for their failed career at making bad movies that even Jean Claude Van Damme would turn down.

And then you realise it stars Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson is is actually a big studio release. Oops.

Oops indeed.


J.D. said...

Your entire mini-rant over the Rachel Getting Married poster's title treatment is so true I sort of exploded.


Chus said...

This is what I think: Anne Hathaway Scandal