Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 18/09/08

Bitter & Twisted + Beyond Our Ken - Two Aussie films getting very brief and tiny exclusive runs - here in Melbourne at least - more as a means of getting AFI voters to see them than anything else, I imagine. I quite liked Bitter & Twisted, although I thought it did have some problems. Beyond the Ken, however, I have a DVD Screener of sitting on top of my TV, which I intend to watch today.

Space Chimps - Released the same day as Wall-E. Indeed.

Step Brothers - I am definitely not a fan of Will Ferrell and John C Reilly isn't exactly going down the career path I thought he might have after his breakout year in 2002. Needless to say I'll be skipping this one.

The Tender Hook - I'm going to write a review of Jonathan Ogilvie's The Tender Hook perhaps later today (it's been ruminating in my mind). It won't be positive, I'm afraid to say.

Wall·E - Well, here it is. At last. Apart from Australia, Pixar's latest effort has probably been my most anticipated title of 2008. I won't actually be able to see it until Sunday - grrr - but I've waited this long (isn't that right Disney?!), so I think I can wait a few more days.

DVD Releases for the Week 18/09/08

Beyond Our Ken - Er, it's also on DVD. This documentary is actually about the Kenja Cult. Looks fascinating.

Cactus - Aussie crime thriller that features small turns by Bryan Brown and Shane Jacobson (Kenny). Apparently it's another one of those Aussie movies that sound good on paper, but just wasn't given the time to properly develop.

Captivity - The infamous horror flick starring Elisha Cuthbert and directed by Roland Joffe. It makes no sense to me either.

The Good Night - Gwyneth Paltrow's brother Jake directs Gwynnie, Penelope Cruz, Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg and Danny DeVito in this comedy.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale - Somethingsomething Uwe Boll.

Mad Money - Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes go direct-to-DVD with this heist flick, which was a remake of a British TV film if I'm remembering correctly, no? Nevertheless, I remember there being a British film with the exact same plot. I am thankful this film exists, mind you, because it provided me with one of Stale Popcorn's (ahem) finest moments.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - Amy Adams and Frances McDormand star.

Moliere - French literary comedy starring... *sigh*... Romain Duris. Let's just look at him for a moment


Nim's Island - Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler star in this kid's adventure tale.

Silent Light - I've had a copy of this film by Carlos Reygadas for a month or so now, yet I haven't watched it. I really need to. I've heard such good things about it was unable to see it at MIFF last month.

Smother - The second of two Diane Keaton movies being released on DVD this week. Unfortunately, if the unsuspecting Fan of Keaton's work was to pick them up and have a double feature DVD night then I think they would be in for a rude shock as they both look terrible, this one especially. When an American movie is released theatrically and on DVD here before it even gets an American release? Well, you know you're in trouble. Having said that, I do like the poster (left). It's a bit different, isn't it?

Sydney White - Who said a modern day retelling of Snow White and the Three Dwarfs was a good idea? And to star AMANDA BYNES?!

Taxi to the Dark Side - Oscar-winning documentary. Australian Eva Orner was one of the producers, and recipient of the Oscar alongside the director Alex Gibney.

Then She Found Me - Helen Hunt directs herself in this surprise box office hit.

TV Screenings for the Week 18/09/08
Notable TV screenings

19/09/08, Collateral (2004), C10, 8.30PM - You know my thoughts on this movie already.

20/09/08, Peter Pan (2003), C10, 12.00PM - PJ Hogan's visually immaculate retelling of the Peter Pan tale.

20/09/08, Empire of the Sun (1987), C9, 2.00PM - Steven Spielberg's war drama starring a young Christian Bale.

20/09/08, Rear Window (1954), ABC2, 8.30PM - The first in a planned series of Hitchcock movies on ABC2. Rear Window my #2 Hitchcock film and a masterpiece in every definition of the word.

21/09/08, Noise (2007), SBS, 9.10PM - Last week it was Home Song Stories, this week SBS presents the amazing Aussie feature from last year, Noise. It was my second fave film from last year, which reminds me I still have to do the last part of my 2007 UMA Awards. Bad me.

21/09/08, Nick of Time (1995), C10, 11.35PM - Before 24 made "real time" cool and before Pirates of the Caribbean made everybody instantly the world's biggest Johnny Depp fan (even though there were some of us who loved him before that) there was Nick of Time, a truly dreadful real time-set thriller.

22/09/08, Poseidon (2006), C9, 8.30 - This movie is soooo bad, but hilariously so. I once made a drinking game about it, but revisiting said blog entry and I realise that, crikies, you'd be drunk after ten minutes. So, ya know, observe caution.

Sister Kenny
(1946), ABC1, 1.35AM - Rosalind Russell was Oscar-nominated for her performance as famed Australian nurse Elizabeth Kenny. Russell also won the Golden Globe for her performance. I would like to catch this one and see what Russell does with it as I've liked her before, and the link with Australia makes it a bit more interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

This was pretty good. You can find more here:

Anonymous said...

This was pretty good. You can find more here:

Ben Wilson said...

OK, seriously, no joke, I JUST emailed ABC a couple of days ago about the film Sister Kenny! I saw it on a Saturday afternoon ages ago but later found it is not available anywhere at all. Could ABC really have played this just for me? How lovely of them!

It's a wonderful film, truly is. Rosalind Russell was a terrific actress, I encourage everyone to set the recorder for this!

J.D. said...

Romain Duris is dreamy.

WALL•E is dreamier, though.

Paul Martin said...

Don't get too excited about Wall*E. It's OK, but nothing to... well... get too excited about. You'll see what I mean (or you can read my week in review on Sunday night when I post about it).

Syms Covington said...

tender hook review please