Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poster of the Day: Nazi Love Camp

Nazi Love Camp (1977)
dir. Mario Caiano

I find it interesting that for this English language poster for Nazi Love Camp they have changed the names of the actors. On the film's IMDb profile only Sirpa Lane's name remains the same. "Carl Sisti" is actually Giancarlo Sisto, "Robert Post" is really Roberto Posse, "Christy Borg" is actually Christiana Borghi and the director is, for some reason or another, credited as being "William Hawkins" when it was actually Mario Caiano.

Which makes me wonder, what would it be like if they still did that on movie posters. Using Volver for example, would Pedro Almodovar's name turn into "Peter Almond" and Penelope Cruz's name would perhaps be "Penny Cruise". Would the title itself become Revolver because the people doing the translation would most likely have no idea what it actually mean.

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