Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Longer "In a World..."

I don't talk about trailers very much, you may have noticed that. I prefer posters, generally, but also because every man and his dog (who has a blog, see that rhymes!) writes about movie trailers these days the moment one is released. And, it would seem, many of them can't discern a good trailer from a bad trailer...

SIDE TRACK: True story, I was saying at another blog how the trailer for The Strangers was the best trailer of the year for it's obvious reasons and laid them out and this one person was all "nah, The Dark Knight has the best trailer of the year." And this was a perfectly sensible person. The trailer for The Dark Knight was fine, but what separates it from the trailers for Iron Man or Indiana Jones or Wanted? Nothing. Apart from the fact that it was for The Dark Knight so, naturally, it's the greatest thing evah!!!!!omg!!1)

...but I do enjoy watching them, obviously. And yet I was oddly surprised at having a pang of sadness upon hearing of the death of Don LaFontaine. He is the "voice" of thousands of movie trailers throughout cinema history. The narrator who guides the viewer through the trailer. His signature was "In a world..." and along with the likes of Hal Douglas sort of made an art out of it all. Of course his "style" had since gone out, but it's still noteworthy.

So here is, apparently, Don's favourite trailer work - David Lynch's The Elephant Man

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leah said...

nice tribute to don, kam, thanks for posting that.

and wow, the elephant man...i can hardly bear to watch that film, it aches my heart, so ugly and beautiful. speaking of beautiful, how stunning is anne bancroft in it? i'd forgotten about that.