Saturday, September 20, 2008

Elevator Love

Wow, I just used a Guy Sebastian song as an entry title. Alas, fear not - this entry is about neither Guy Sebastian, Jennifer Hawkins or Guy Sebastian wanting to have sex with Jennifer Hawkins in an elevator or whatever that song was about. Considering the sort of replies I got last time I mentioned Mr Idol Winner Season One I probably shouldn't have said that.

Moving on.

I was trapped in an elevator on Friday for just over an hour. TRAPPED IN AN ELEVATOR!!! Thankfully though I wasn't apart of a terrorist plot, trapped with Miranda Priestly, attempting to understand meta-physics and Shania Twain and I wasn't on my way to floor seven and the half either.

Unfortunately, I wasn't being rescued by a pop-quizzed hotshot, but was instead rescued by an antsy angry man who reminded me of that Keymaker character from the second Matrix movie. You know the one! The one that Carrie Anne Moss couldn't catch up to when they were both running through that weird building with the staircase. Or maybe you don't. That movie's a bit of a fuzzy memory, obviously. But, let's face it, who would you rather be rescued by?


Or, This?

That's what I thought!

Needless to say, as I was stuck inside the lift at work, it was the easiest cash I ever made. I even had a nap (I was sleepy!) Fun was had by all.



leah said...

kam, were you alone? (if you had a siesta, sounds like it) i once got trapped in a lift for almost the same amount of time with my boss at the time who was the world's biggest pompous tosser, it was a waking nightmare! i'm so glad your experience was less traumatising to your person.

and i'd like to be rescued by the top guy! (my only keanu movie crush, bless him and his fitted white T)

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, I was alone. It was like that time I got kicked out of class for telling my friends the answer to the test we'd done yesterday and the teacher forgot about me and I had fallen asleep.

Good for a bit of kip, though.

leah said...

lol, better than falling asleep IN class! (i did that once and my psycho english teacher threw an eraser at my head, my hair was chalk-white for the rest of that day. ah, school daze)