Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Will Survive and What Facial Expressions Will They Make?

I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 today and... well, yeah. If you've seen it yourself you can probably imagine my reaction to it. I give it a nice comfy B for being so gosh darn entertaining despite being a mess of a movie. I find it interesting that it was banned here in Australia for 20 years until it's DVD release in 2006. I mean, sure it's graphic, but not the sort of thing that I would've thought would get banned. This is funny though. Oh well. It's out now so that's all that matters. I did get a kick out of knowing that star Dennis Hopper (yes, Dennis Hopper!!) made this the same year as freakin' Blue Velvet and, er, Hoosiers. I can't tell you which is the most demented performance, mind you.

However, I must say the thing I got the most enjoyment out of was final girl Caroline Williams' (who reminded me so much of Holly Hunter by the way) facial expressions throughout the film. She had a veritable Laura Dern-sized smorgasbord of hilarious screams and frightened expressions. So, naturally, here are some of my favourites (click 'em to enlarge).

Trust me, there's more! But they're so fast that I can't pause the player in time! Especially when it comes to the dinner table sequence at the end. She goes a mile a minute during that one, I tell ya!

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Joel said...

What the hell were they thinking when they made this? It's almost impossibly to believe its made by the same guy!