Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Needs Another Reason to Hate Terrence Howard?

You do? Well here it is! As if being a bad actor in bad movies (apart from Hustle & Flow, okay? I grant him that one), being a douchey adulterer, a crazy polygamist, self-obsessed egotistical arsehole (etc), here comes something is sure to poke the fires of anybody still on the fence as to whether Terrence Howard is worthy of any form of attention by anybody anywhere on this big wide world.


Oh man! Words cannot express how much I laughed upon reading that Howard was releasing an album - titled Shine Through It no less. I mean, honestly, what the fuck? Oh man, nothing could have prepared me for the complete and utter comedy gold that is "Sanctuary". It. Is. Awful. Like, so bad it's hilarious, but then while you're laughing you realise "oh dear, he's entirely serious" and then it gets depressing. I'm not going to imbed it into the blog because I just couldn't live with myself, but by all means click on the song title to hear it in all it's awful glory.

Then there's the dire "Love Makes You Beautiful" on which he sounds like Jesse L Martin with a bad chest cold. Nice production, terrible lyrics and singing.

I really didn't think I could hate him anymore, but voila, he goes and does this. What an idiot.


Joel said...

His singing/rapping was the only bit of Hustle and Flow I didn't like... So I really don't know what to say about this news, other than I hope I never hear on of the songs. Ever.

J.D. said...

WTF? No. Just, no.

awill36 said...

I think Terrence is a great actor and musician with a wonderful talent and a beautiful voice. I think his music isn't like artists today but that's what makes him unique. Who would want to buy a cd that sounded like another artist anyway???