Friday, August 22, 2008

Vincent Cassel Doesn't Like Buttons

Or, that's what I assume after seeing this images from Italian Vanity Fair that My New Plaid Pants put up today. For me Vincent Cassel ranks a very acceptably #3 in terms of male celebrity obsessions. Jamie is #1, Hugh is #2 and then there's Vincent. And for a man that, let's be honest, not that many people actually know outside of dodgy Ocean's Eleven sequels, is quite impressive, no. :)

I guess it helps that he's a good actor, but he's not in the camp of actors who are routinely hailed as single handily changing the face of cinema with each subsequent performance (you know who you are Mr Foxx or Mr Hoffman). Anyway, let's just stare and ogle at the beauty that is Vincent Cassel. You can click to view them a lot larger.



JA said...

I did post them for you, Glenn! Feel better.

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