Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To"

Over at Rants of a Diva Dame Judi Dench James Henry recently wrote about the dearth of quality in the selections for the MTV Video Music Awards. Going through the nominated videos it was indeed a frightening and downright depressing act. Did they just stick the top 40 chart on a dart board of some variety (a spinning wheel perhaps?) and nominate the five that a blind monkey picked? Surely that's the only way to explain "When I Grow Up" and co getting nominated over the likes of Justice or Robyn or Kanye West or whoever else. I guess it doesn't help that MTV doesn't even play videos anymore, right?

And then this evening the boyfriend sent me the link to the below homemade video for a song called "The Pez Song". It's infinitely better than any video nominated in any category at the VMAs (er, all EIGHT of them). How sad.


Dame James Henry said...

"The Pez Song" video > "Burnin' Up" video, anyday. It's kind of a ripoff of "Fell in Love With a Girl" but I wish more music videos were this creative and different.

The reason we got the 5 crappy nominees for the VMA's is because they allowed the public to vote for the nominees in all of the categories instead of just letting them stick to Viewer's Choice (and even then they never let them pick the nominees). That's why we have "Forever" and "Burnin' Up," which we never would have seen in this category 3 or 4 years ago.

Catherine said...

The best/worst thing about the Pussycat Dolls vid is when the girls thurst out their chests during the line "...I wanna have groupies". I mean, it already sounds like they're singing "...I wanna have boobies" so it just cracks me up every time.