Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Sugababes Are Coming! The Sugababes Are Coming!

It wasn't even a year ago that the Sugababes - the best British girl group ever, yes yes - released their fifth album, Change. It was actually very good despite my initial worries that it was going to be "too American". Alas, they've promptly moved on from that record and have made a new one. Hazaa! The first single to be released from the as-yet-untitled album will be "Girls" and, wouldncha know it, the song just premiered on the UK wireless thingamajig.

It's not as good as the best songs from Change - "Surprise (Goodbye)", "About You Now", "Denial" - but I like it. A lot. Quite a few people aren't as 'down' with it as I am, probably because it steers away from a typical electro sound that is so popular right now. Anyway, they obviously haven't released a video yet, but here is a YouTube clip featuring a picture of the girls and the song in the background and, really, isn't that all you need?


Dame James Henry said...

Oh my God, I absolutely love it! Yet another great Sugababes song and I can't wait for the new album. Why oh why can't they be popular in America? We definitely need more of them than we do of all these crappy rappers.

Glenn said...

They're not popular in America because they're actually a good pop group. I would've thought you'd figure that correlation out by now, James!

Dave said...

See, now, I really like this song (I've already played it quite a bit), but I'd like it more if it wasn't the lead single. The song it samples (which I assume you know because you know more about music than anyone I know) is on a tv ad here so it just has the faint smell of cashing in. I'd be okay with it if they weren't launching their whole campaign with it.

As always, I'm far more excited to hear the new Girls Aloud single, whenever that might surface.

Glenn said...

I have actually never heard the song that it's based around. Never made it's way to Australia so I don't really mind.

I'm also looking forward to Girls Aloud heaps too, but I was a bit disappointed with Tangled Up. I thought it was a bit too "okay, so you're doing the exact same album again. that's nice, but you're not even doing it as good as before" for me, even though it had some absolute killer tracks on it. I just hope they don't release another "Biology" wannabe because as great as they are I want a bit of diversity. Say what you will about Madonna or Kylie or the Sugababes, but they tend to be different each time around, which even makes their lesser moments more memorable than artists who just do the same thing over and over.

Still, "Biology" is the best song of this decade so they have a lot of goodwill.

Dave said...

If you haven't heard it (which I hadn't before the advert), then I understand not finding it slightly irritating. Overexposure, you know? It's like beating a dead horse.

See, now, Tangled Up for me was the best album GA have made so far, and I don't really see how it was the same as what they'd done before. I mean, it was hardly a violent change of direction like Madonna is wont to do, but I felt they (and/or Xenomania) were far more comfortable in using different music styles and in not having to resort to dull balladry (which even Chemistry- which I do love too- suffered from). It certainly felt a lot fresher than the Sugababes' album, which I don't really see as being very different from their previous stuff at all. I'm not trying to criticize them, or start a girlband debate, but Girls doesn't really feel like anything particularly different from what they did last time.