Friday, August 22, 2008

So, Shia Walks Into a Bar Without a Shirt On....

...That title isn't leading anywhere in particular. Sorry.

I like to think that I run a nice balance here at Stale Popcorn between the overly formal, more "professional" style and the more frivolous silly kind of writing. I don't spend all day worshiping at the alter of no talent reality TV bogans or boring useless wastes of space that so many blogs seem so preoccupied with following. I do, however, have my fare share of obsessions that I use the blog as an outlet for. There are certainly times when I will gleefully become one of the masses. So, far be it from me to turn into a slobbering hound, but Shia LeBeouf was seen walking around on the set to Transformers: Revenge of the Boring Title and, well, I'm me and I am quite fond of The Beef so I naturally have to share them. And it's a bit refreshing to actually see an actor of this kind not be ridiculously gym-ripped, ya know?

Carry on shaking your head and "tsk tsk"-ing me all you like. I ain't gonna change.

Courtesy Just Jared


leah said...

i ADORE shia! serious cradle-robbin' crush on that boy, so i for one shake not my head and rejoice!

J.D. said...

"Tsk tsk"-ing is so inappropriate when talking about Shia. What am I, a politician? *stares/drools*

Glenn said...

The reason I wrote that stuff is because I was on another blog that just showed gratuitous pictures of somebody and a bunch of people in the comments were all "I thought you were better than this!" and "Just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to squeal at the sight of a celebrity without his shirt on". Because they're so serious and boring that the moment anybody takes their attention away from, oh I dunno, the world oil critis or whatever for something as silly as a celeb without his clothes on that they're immediately lowest common denominator.