Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six Aussie Titles for Toronto

Six Australian films have been selected, so far, for the Toronto International Film Festival. I've already discussed Steve Jacobs' Disgrace, which recently won the AWGIE Award for Feature Film Adapted Screenplay. Mark Hartley's Not Quite Hollywood documentary has been a hot topic around these parts (click here for my review) and Jon Hewitt's teenage thriller tale Acolytes (review here) has also been chosen. Syms Covington recently aired the newly released poster, which you can see to your left. Disappointing, hey?

Two of the others are Matthew Newton's second film as writer/director, Three Blind Mice, which is making a far bigger splash than his first film Right Here Right Now did back in 2004 (did it even get a release?) The film won an award at the Sydney Film Fest and features Newton, Alex Dimitriades, Brendan Cowell, Bob Franklin, Marcus Graham, Barry Otto, Pia Miranda and Heather Mitchell amongst its ensemble cast.

Unfortunately I can't find much of anything about Megan Doneman's documentary Yes Madame, Sir, which features narration by none other than Helen Mirren.

The last selected film is Tatia Rosenthal's $9.99 is a film that studies the meaning of life through the residents of an apartment block, and the one man who gets given a flyer telling him the answers are a mere $9.99 away. Oh, and it's made in stop motion animation. Fun, hey? The pic below is of the characters voiced by Geoffrey Rush and Barry Otto. The film also features the voices of Joel Edgerton (who is also in Acolytes), Claudia Karvan, Anthony LaPaglia, Ben Mendelsohn, Leeanna Walsman, Sam Johnson and Tom Budge.

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