Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Sad One

This is just sad.

I don't really know why Kylie Minogue's astounding near masterpiece of a pop record X didn't set the world on fire like it rightly should have, I really don't. Did "2 Hearts" really leave that much of a bad taste in people's mouths? Did she really overestimate the record-buying segment of gay male fans? Did she not do enough duets with Dannii? We'll never really know. As an unfortunate byproduct of X's not-quite-flop-but-definitely-not-a-hit status some of her very best work has been thrown by the wayside. "In My Arms" - perhaps the very best song she's ever done outside of "Put Yourself in My Place" - barely scraped into the Australian top 40 and "Wow" missed out on the top ten on debut before quickly disappearing. The less said about that ridiculous "All I See" debacle the better, I say.

"The One", however, was the second best track on X and seemed like a natural choice for a single (more so than "2 Hearts" or "Wow" I would say). In fact, it felt like the perfect song to launch the album. Nevertheless, as the state of things are, "The One" has had a shoddy release pattern to say the least. A digital-only release with no physical single at all, a late video release and no publicity at all. Was it even sent to radio?

The real shame is that, yes, "The One" is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The sort of wild mindblowing pop music that almost nobody else in the world is making. The Freemasons stepped in to give the song and extra edge and they sure did that. Their remix (they were among the original producers too) is even better than the album version if you can believe it. The video below, too, is the best video she's made since "Chocolate" in 2003.

Such a shame.

Such a shame.


Ben Wilson said...

Sorry Camel, while I often wonder if we share the same brain, on this one I must say we differ. I was left rather underwhelmed by X. Though it wasn't as bad as I had predicted when 2 Hearts was released.

That song just doesn't appear to be very representative of the album, and it failed to give it the sort of identity that Madonna signals with all of her album's first singles. And not least, it is too similar to Goldfrapp's Strict Machine from 2004.

A fresh star like Sam Sparro would probably be commended for an album like this. But for Kylie, (after the truly, utterly, perfectly brilliant Slow) I think she's raised her own bar, which X falls just below.

BTW. The debacle of Kylie cutting chunks from her documentary really hurt her reputation too.

Slayton said...

I'm only just getting into Kylie - her music becomes less embarrassing to me every time I listen to it.

I think "Slow" has been her best single/video, but the less said about the godawful "I Believe in You" the better.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Slay, the "I Believe In You" clip was so boring, wasn't it. The song on the other hand is brilliant.

Ben, agreed about "2 Hearts" not being representative. She did that with "Slow" as well although "Slow" is better than "2 Hearts" I think I prefer X to Body Language, despite being a much bigger fan of that than most other people.