Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random Veronicas Update!!

Y'all know I love The Veronicas, one of the finest pop outfits to come out of Australia in a good decade or so wouldn't you say? Probably longer, actually. I have also decided that their album Hook Me Up was the best album of 2007 over MIA's Kala, which I originally placed at #1 on my countdown (dig through the archives for it 'cause I can't be bothered - sorry).

Anyway, The Veronicas have released the fourth single from Hook Me Up and it's the amazing "Take Me On The Floor". I have no idea why they still haven't released "Someone Wake Me Up", which is one of those truly rare epic ballads that, by all rights, should have been no. 1 for seventeen years. Yes, it is still that great. Alas, we get "Take Me On The Floor" with all it's synthy goodness and rockin' breakdown where the girls go all Katy Perry on your arse and scream "I wanna kiss a girl". Thing is, in this instance, it's not as vile and reprehensible as Perry, and considering one of the V-Girls may be an actual lesbian (it's a tired story, I'm not linking to anything about it) entirely appropriate too.

Who reckons this clip is going to be cut for Video Hits consumption? There's so much girl-on-girl grinding that I thought I was going to magically transform into a lesbian.

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