Saturday, August 23, 2008

Poster of the Day: What's the Matter with Helen?

What's the Matter with Helen? (1971)
dir. Curtis Harrington

As a self-confessed actressexual, it saddens me that I have not seen this film that stars Debbie Reynolds, Shelley Winters and Agnes Moorehead. It's also an Oscar-nominee for Best Costume Design. Why haven't I seen this?!?


Ben Wilson said...

I don't know why I've never heard of this movie?!?!? I worship Agnes Moorehead. I loved her in Dark Passage, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, and most of all, The Bat. And of-course Bewitched, but that's a given.

I shall be seeking this film immediately.

JS said...

They've been showing that movie all month and I've only got two words:

Brain. Fluid.

Now go and watch it before Shelley *SPOILER* pushes you down the stairs!

adam k. said...

Glenn, do you watch the olympics? Aren't you SO proud of Matthew Mitcham??? He just won gold last night! And he's SO very Australian, and SO very gay. I love him.