Monday, August 25, 2008

Matthew Mitcham, Olympic Gold Medalist

Stephanie who?

Michael what?

Usain huh?

Nah, my favourite Olympian of these recently completely Olympic Games in Beijing was Matthew Mitcham. It was painful watching the Aussies in the syncro diving considering how badly they went, but Mitcham's 10m platform diving was amazing. He ended up winning the gold medal and stopped China from getting eight from eight Olympic diving gold medals. He was one of only a few Australian Olympians that I saw who truly gave it up for the camera (hi Australian swimmers). And the fact that he's openly gay is just tops. Adam mentioned how the US coverage completely bypassed this aspect of him, yet I found it refreshing to see the Aussie media be so open about it. His boyfriend got nearly as many mentions as Matthew did!

Congratulations Matt.


franklinBluth said...

you forgot to mention cute as a button!

Kamikaze Camel said...

That's a given.

richardwatts said...

I bawled tears of joy watching him win - and so have decided to put him on the front cover of MCV this week. Go Matty!

Leonardo D'Cato said...

I'm from California and ya know, I don't know why NBC didn't mention it. It would have been such an awesome thing if they did. But it barely made a blip. It would have been such a relieve to hear about Matthew instead of Michael Phelps (I love the guy, but it's too much!)

Waiting for the Clock to Hit 5pm?

adam k. said...

OK, I definitely did NOT forget to mention "cute as a button". Direct quote on my blog, with reference to his post-gold interview.

And Glenn, the gay coverage thing is a perfect example of why Australia is so much cooler than the U.S. I shake my fist at the goddamn Puritans who founded this country. Ugh.