Friday, August 22, 2008

The Future of Cinema (?)

I can't help but look at this production still from Ed Zwick's Defiance and think that these two, that'd be Aussie Mia Wasikowska and Stale Popcorn favourite Jamie Bell, are going to be major fixtures in the world of cinema for decades to come. Wasikowska, as I'm sure you are already aware, has been cast as "Alice" in Tim Burton's redo of Alice in Wonderland, so you know her future's golden. And sometimes you can just tell when an actor has the goods to continue in the industry and Bell has it in spades.

Or maybe Heidi Montag (or whatever her useless name is) will beat them all to an Oscar someday.

I still reckon Bell is on path to nab his first Oscar nomination, too.


par3182 said...

beware of bold predictions - i remember back in 1988 when i saw running on empty i said river phoenix and martha plimpton were "the future of cinema"

and look what happened there...

RJ said...

I did a whole post on Mia actually. I thought she was quite good in September, and I've been interested in her career since. Funny how she's kind of blown up.

As for Defiance, I am not optimistic. Edward Zwick made Blood Diamond, and I really hated Blood Diamond.

Glenn said...

Oh, I'm not optimistic about Defiance at all. I'm sure it'll be claptrap. I never saw Blood Diamond but I have seen Last Samurai and Glory. Yikes.

At least I'll try and see this one though because of the cast (no Jennifer Connolly!)

Glenn said...

Par, in my world Martha Plimpton is still the future of cinema.