Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eathquake in Australia!!!

OMIGOD!! Have you heard the news? The earth-shattering news that will change your life forever? The news that will have you crying your eyes out?

Twentieth Century Fox announced today that it now will release AUSTRALIA – Baz Luhrmann’s epic adventure motion picture, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman – on November 26th in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The rest of the world follows at Christmas as originally scheduled.

The move takes advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday play period in the U.S. – always one of the biggest moviegoing times of the year...

More at The Hot Blog.

Ugh. Baz is such a tease!

Does anyone else find it ironic that a movie called Australia is being released on Thanksgiving in America? Not exactly the most patriotic of choices an American cinemagoer could make, huh?


Paul Martin said...

Just because the director, actors, story and location are all Australian, doesn't mean that it's aiming at a local market. As a Hollywood studio film, they're aiming for maximum returns and it's clearly modelled on the Hollywood epic blockbuster. I don't find it ironic in the slightest. Truly. I say, good on 'em. I hope it succeeds, even if I don't like the film (and I'll be surprised if I do, based on the trailer).

J.D. said...

If Thanksgiving is patriotic, then I'm the Crown Princess of Switzerland.

Whatever, I still can't wait!!!

Ben Wilson said...

I think it's fantastic. Australians don't desserve to be accommodated, after our sad film industry of late. By making a film like this and making it appeal to Americans - AKA the ones that make real films that actually make money to support the arty ones - Australia will surely benefit in the long term.

That said, Moulin Rouge was a big international success, but we don't seem to have bothered to follow it up. I shall never understand this nation of inwards-looking overly-arty self-indulgent weirdos.