Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Burn Tilda

While Brad Pitt and George Clooney put on their ever-tiring shtick at the premiere and press meet for the Venice screening of Burn After Reading (really, does anyone care if/when Clooney has kids?), Tilda Swinton was actually being amazing and stunning and simply better than everybody else in attendance. It's not especially hard for her to be like that, but I think it bares paying attention too because nobody else in the homogenised pop blog market is going to mention her. They'll all be about how many children Brad Pitt has adopted today or how many women Clooney is linked with. YAWN.

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leah said...

kam, is that a real photo of pitt, tilda and clooney? i thought it was a photoshop-type creation but then i looked at the shadows on the red carpet...tres bizarre

and i agree, pitt and clooney are tiresome, but tilda is terrific (a guy who was at an oscar party i attended last year had the nerve to call her a 'bush pig' when she went up to accept her statue, i nearly clubbed the asswipe over the head with my beer bottle. i think tilda's unique and exquisite)