Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Curb Your Prognosis

I went to the doctor this morning - turns out I have a soft tissue damage in my left foot, how random - but omg the doctor looked exactly like Larry David.

Unfortunately, Hannah Montana was not there too. Such a shame.


J.D. said...

That pic never fails to make me happy. I should tape it to the ceiling so I can I stare at it all day and just feel ecstatic about the world.

Ben Wilson said...

I don't care for Hannah Montanna. I would just die if she turned up while I was visiting the doctor. My doctor is creepy enough as it is.

leah said...

kam, you have soft tissue damage in your left FOOD? lol, funny typo. anyway, i assume it's your left foot we should wish well.

seinfeld was never the same after larry david left the show