Sunday, August 10, 2008

AFI Non-Feature Nominations Announced

The AFI released their nominations for three non-feature categories recently. They are Best Documentary, Best Short Animation and Best Short Fiction. The AFI always announce these categories earlier because members (such as myself) get to go and see them during the AFI member screenings coming up in September (which I discussed earlier).

Beyond Our Ken
Not Quite Hollywood
The Oasis
Rare Chicken Rescue

Obviously the favourite in this category will be Mark Hartley's Not Quite Hollywood, which is not only about the Australian film industry in a year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AFI Awards, but it's also quite exceptional and is the only one of the nominees to be receiving a proper national rollout. However, the problem lies in the fact that Not Quite Hollywood deals with an aspect of the industry that, as the film demonstrates, many tried to denied even existed and when the other nominees deal with topics such as homelessness and mental illness... it makes it not so much a slam dunk.

To read more about these nominees click here.

Dog with Electric Collar
Paper City Architects

Always a category to watch as there have been several nominees from recent years go on to receive Academy Award nominations or, in the case of Harvey Krumpet, an Oscar win. I haven't heard anything about any of these films, but Daniel Agdad's Paper City Architects (left) looks quite visually stunning.

The Ground Beneath
My Rabbit Hoppy

Obviously the two favourites here will be Julius Avery's Jerrycan (left) and Anthony Lucas' My Rabbit Hoppy, both of which screened at Cannes, Avery's film actually won the Jury Prize there which was great news. Lucas is actually an AFI winner and Oscar/BAFTA nominee for his animated short The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello and filmed My Rabbit Hoppy in his backyard using only his family as actors.

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