Sunday, July 13, 2008

UMA Blogger Issues

Hi guys, as you will no doubt notice once you scroll past this entry, I have posted the first lot of my UMA Awards. Now, I am working with both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on 1024x768 resolution and it all looks pretty good on my end. No images in weird places and no dramatic over-running text anywhere, but if you notice anything please leave me a comment or shoot me an email (address in sidebar) with what browser you are using, what resolution and the layout problem you're encountering.

I may be able to fix any problems, yet I also may not, but I can't do anything if nobody tells me, so please do. You'll know if there's a problem, trust me. Due to the way I set it all up there were tonnes of problems initially, but I have since fixed all the ones I can see, but as I say, some people's computers may be screwing up the layout so let me know and I'll get onto it.


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