Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 24/07/08

The Forbidden Kingdom - Blah blah Jet Le blah blah Jackie Chan omg Michael Angarano! Something about that kid appeals to me. Not sure what or why, but there ya have it.

How About You - Normally a movie with actors like Vanessa Redgrave, Imelda Staunton, Brenda Fricka, Hayley Atwell (who has the remake of Brideshead Revisited she's made being released in America this weekend) and Joss Ackland would spike my interest, alas his just looks like another drearily-shot British TV movie that somehow got released to cinemas.

Married Life - Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan - fresh off of making our eardrums bleed in Mamma Mia! - comes this little period drama about, well, married life. This movie seems to fit perfectly into that wheelhouse of movies we've already seen this year like Smart People or Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day where they're squarely aimed for older more "sophisticated" audiences, yet they all just seem so mediocre. Maybe mediocre isn't the right word. But they're the sort of movies that nobody hates, but which nobody loves either. They're just there. Ya know? Perhaps I'm not giving Married Life a chance and if anyone can make an argument that I should see it then maybe I just may.

The Savages - Yeah, I'm shocked too. For some reason this two time Academy Award nominated film is only just being released here now. It stars The Lovely Laura Linney and that schlub Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe - I must admit to being surprised this new X-Files movies was being released this week in Australia, considering I haven't seen a single trailer at the cinema or commercial on television. Absolutely none whatsoever. What's up with that?

DVD Releases for the Week 24/07/08

Step Up 2 the Streets - Wasn't the first one lame enough?

er... that's it.


Dame James Henry said...

Step Up 2 the Streets is actually better than the original. Not much, since the story is cliched shit, but the dancing is 100 times cooler and that final dance in the rain is AMAZING.

J.D. said...

Michael Angarano is cute.