Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sneaky Sound System get Strung Up (and other assorted music videos)

Here's some music videos for your Sunday morning.

This is the video for "Kansas City" by Sneaky Sound System, surely one of the biggest acts in the country by now. Their second album, Sneaky Sound System 2, is gonna be huge. The clip is a great one. It's all Wizard of Oz meets Team America, which you know has got to be good, right? Also, the song is kinda great. "Somebody in Kansas City loves me" is a great little hook to hand a song on.

Little Jackie is made up of "Imani Coppola and a bloke" (source) and they are quite great. But, let's face it, Imani Coppola is a member, so it was gonna be pretty darn hard to suck. "The World Should Revolve Around Me" is swell and the clip is nice even if it is just people standing around pretending they're having fun on a street for some reason.

"Don't Want To Go To Bed Now" was one of three absolutely killer tracks from Gabriella Cilmi's Lessons to be Learned album (the others would be "Save the Lies" and her Martha and the Muffins cover, "Echo Beach") and I actually quite like the video clip. It's got the same vibe as Madonna's "Give It 2 Me" clip, but actually good. The part where she's all "you look good / look good / you good lookin (yeah)" is the epitome of "wow, that's amazing".

My second favourite song from Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree album (my #1 is "Little Bird") has a really dodgy clip, unfortunately. It reminded me so much of that "Forever Young" clip by Youth Group, except that video is amazing and this one is not.

I just really like this track. It's "These Roses" by Gin, so even though you probably never heard of her and the video isn't exactly rocking the universe I thought I'd throw it up. She definitely belongs to that ever-growing list of Amy/Duffy/Gabriella/Adele/etc type singers, doesn't she?

And just because I can't do a post like this and not include something old school...

This is "Mercedes Boy" by Pebbles. How much do I love this song? A LOT! Why didn't Pebbles become a bigger star? She definitely should've been. Perhaps it was because her name was Pebbles? She did create TLC though, so there's even more reason to love her.


Dame James Henry said...

Thank you for doing this! Once again, I'm super impressed by your excellent taste in music. After listening to them, I immediately downloaded the first three songs. I especially loved that Little Jackie song. Is she Australian? And that Pebbles clip was definitely fierce (even though it looked like it cost about $14 to make).

You really need to do this or offer different mixes more often. I don't know about anyone else, but I still listen to that soundtrack you made for the Academy Awards a few months ago. I never would have heard "UFO", "Yes, I'm a Witch", "Don't Kiss Me Goodbye", Fiona's "Across the Universe" and "So Do I Say Sorry First" without that epic mix. And you already know how much I love Girls Aloud, Sugababes and The Veronicas after your recommendations.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Imani Coppola is American if I'm not mistaken.

:p thanks!

I usually haven't got the foggiest idea whether anybody actually takes heed to what I recommend.

Dave said...

and her Martha and the Muffins cover, "Echo Beach"

Oh my god, you are incredible. I really like the album but I didn't think anyone else would single this out as (one of) the best on it. Little Jackie are great, too (I hope I can get the album), and thanks for recommending Sneaky Sound System, they're quite awesome (well, at least that track is).

Glenn said...

Unfortunately, Cilmi's "Echo Beach" is only available on the UK edition of her album so, technically down here it's not even one of the album's best tracks.

Nevertheless, "Echo Beach" is so fantastic to begin with (can't beat Martha and the Muffins) so a cover version was always gonna be good, but I was surprised how good her occasionally off-putting vocals (see "Sactuary" from the album) worked with the fun breezy nature of the song.