Friday, July 11, 2008

The One Where Michelle Williams Whips the Song of the Year Out of Nowhere

(silly me, I called Michelle Williams Kelly Rowland in the very first sentence of this entry, which goes to show ya...)

Michelle Williams was always seen as "the other one" in Destiny's Child, and for good reason. She was a bit of a dullard. Even when she went solo like Beyonce or Kelly Rowland she released boring albums that cornered the sort of Christian gospel crowd that I imagine is big business in America, but is about as exciting as watching paint dry to use but one silly cliche (her albums don't deserve imaginative metaphors).

Earlier this year Kelly Rowland broke out of her equally boring solo shell and released "Work [Freemason's Remix]" and promptly gave herself a massive worldwide hit (it was in the Australian top 20 for nearly 16 weeks!) and one of the tracks of the year. Well, now "the other one", Michelle Williams, has gone one better and maybe - just maybe - gone and released the best single of 2008. It's called "We Break The Dawn" and it's absolutely STUNNING!! It has been out for digital download in the US since April, but only just (as in a few days ago) became available for physical purchase. It's apparently due to release in the UK in August so I'm sure we'll hear more about between now and then. I, however, have only just discovered it. And boy howdy have I discovered it.

It's definitely in the "Umbrella" region of "urban" "hip-hop" "dance" "pop" music, but could it possibly even be better than "Umbrella". One thing Williams has over Rihanna are her vocals as well as not having a stupid Jay Z rap. There is a remixed version out there featuring Flo Rida, but I have not heard it. Nor do I want to considering how absolutely perfect the album version is. Oh sure, the fadeout at the ends is a bit too long, but that's but a mere quibble when you have one of the most epic choruses of the last few years and the sort of beat that knocks your socks off.

I'm not quite sure why "We Break The Dawn" hasn't erupted yet, but I'm sure it will. It's a major MAJOR track and is the sort of song that reaffirms the whole genre for me. The album from which the songs comes is, funnily enough, entitled Unexpected, which is about as apt a title as you can get. I was not expected this sort of out-of-this-world hip-pop track. I knew a single like this was going to come along eventually in 2008, a year that has felt musically stagnant so far, and I couldn't be happier. This song is just making me feel so happy. It perhaps won't remain the best song of 2008, but I'll be damned if it's not going to be one of the best. Unbelievably awesome.

For some reason not one single YouTube version of the music video is able to be embedded (what's up with that?) so just click here to watch the clip. This song is going to be on repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and rep...


Dave said...

You know, you may be right. That is quite awesome. I'd never heard it before either. And you're totally spot on about the vocal comparisons- she has a gorgeous voice.

At first I thought you were talking about the other Michelle Williams... oh, and FYI, you've written Kelly Rowland at the very beginning of this entry where it should say Michelle. [/insufferable know-it-all]

Kamikaze Camel said...

I know! How silly of me. It's changed now though.

Speaking of 'chelle's voice though, doesn't it remind you of Fantasia Burrino? Which begs the question... why isn't Fantasia making music like this? Instead she's, strangely, making songs called "You Bore Me" or whatever, which couldn't be any more truthful.

Dame James Henry said...

I'm glad that the other members of Destiny's Child are finding success outside of that group. "We Break the Dawn" is further proof that, no matter what Beyonce's dad wanted us to believe, they weren't Beyonce and the Children of Destiny. Kelly Rowland's Ms. Kelly may have only been half a good album, but it was a step in the right direction and, who knows, her third maybe even better. And who would of thought that little ole Michelle Williams had this song in her? I never thought she would abandon the music of God.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Tell me 'bout it. Maybe it's because I snooze whenever her name is brought up, but nobody's mentioned her in years. I'd actually forgotten about her.

This and "Work [Freemason's Remix]" are better than any Beyonce solo song except "Crazy in Love".