Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look at Them!

Okay, so, here's the deal folks. NBC in America is doing their own version of "Australia's number one show", Kath & Kim. I can't exactly say that I, or anybody else in Australia for that matter, thought it would work considering that show is so incredibly Australian (I can't even imagine star Molly Shannon uttering Kath's famous "look at moy" line) but the casting gave hope - Molly Shannon is almost always worth watching and Selma Blair is appealing from time to time - but this brief preview doesn't exactly make my anticipation levels go high. It doesn't, however, fill me entirely with bile, either so that's a win.

Unfortunately, Selma Blair just seems all wrong for the part. No offense to Gina Riley, who plays Kim on the Aussie version, but the character is meant to be on the chubby side! Selma Blair doesn't look like she's eaten a bowl of nachos in weeks! How on earth can they make muffin top jokes when she doesn't even have one? A lot of humour is in the fact that Riley is willing to make a fool of herself wearing thongs and skinny jeans and midriff tops when they don't fit. Blair's outfits don't seem outrageous or ridiculous at all! I just hope they haven't made it smarter than it's meant to be. Part of Kath & Kim's appear (at least in the early seasons) was that it was completely and utterly obvious and silly. What I like to call "smart stupid". Kath & Kim isn't stupid like, say, Two and a Half Men, which I feel is made by stupid people who think what they're doing is funny, but it's not smart either. It's just made by smart people who like making fun of stupid people.

Does that make sense? Probably not.


par3182 said...

but the cake in the face and the walking off during "kel's" introduction seems very kim

i was never a fan of the original series so i'm not afraid of any changes they might make

the longer version of the preview ("it's a glass door") made me laugh more than our version ever has

Glenn said...

The cake bit was actually funny, but Blair just doesn't seem dim enough, you know? Like, she shoves the cake in his face because she's a bitch not because she's a stupid bitch like Riley's Kim was/is.

...I haven't seen the longer version. I'll have to seek it out.

FranklinBluth said...

made me laugh, twice, so that's definitely a good sign.