Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Eye for an Eyeball

Inspired by My New Plaid Pants' recent random delve into the world of Popular (doing so is always encouraged) here is the song the cast perform during the season one finale, which - it must be said - is one of the best season finales ever (no really, I'm entirely serious).

I really need to rewatch this show, stat. I own season one on DVD and it is glorious. I wonder how cheap I could pick up season two (also the final season). Aah, the WB. Where would I be without you and your haphazard programming?

"There's no cause for alarm /
We'll cause no real harm /
We'll give her a case of diarrhea /
You keep viles of ecoli poisoning in your purse? /
A girl never knows when she'll need to lose the odd fifty pounds"

Oh, Mary Cherry! How you make me laugh...

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