Friday, June 6, 2008

You Can Count on Laura Linney

It can be a strange thing sometimes to watch a movie that's not "old" yet, but which just passed you by. Today I sat down and watched You Can Count on Me for the first time, which surprised me as much as it probably surprises you. Somehow I had gone all these years being in love with The Lovely Laura Linney without having seen, arguably, her best performance to date.

That smile that brightens her face as she reads the letter from her brother (played by Mark Ruffalo). The big laugh followed by her face in her palms as she sits in her car. The conversation with the minister (" Maybe it would be better if you just told me that I'm endangering my immortal soul and that if I don't stop, I'm gonna burn in hell.") The way she's amazing all the time.

I still remain unmoved by anything Mark Ruffalo does. This is probably the best I've seen him, but I just... aagh! Sometimes I just want something outside of his register, you know? Anyway. Random, I know, but I was just so pleased to finally sit down and watch this movie. It had been sitting on my DVR for so long that there were ads for SYTYCD and Good News Week's premiere episodes. Yikes! B+

By the way, am I the only one confused about the DVD artwork for the film? Despite the fact that it looks like they've used a movie still yet neither Linney nor Ruffalo wear the outfits they're wearing on the cover during the movie, there's also the fact that they are never in that pose, Ruffalo always has a scruffy face and Linney has different hair through the whole movie. It's like it's advertising a completely different movie altogether and they just used old images of the pair and stuck them together. Ruffalo looks more like Patrick Wilson than anyone else.



par3182 said...

what? you've been depriving yourself of this brilliant film for eight long years?

i think you know how i feel about the lovely laura linney. this film is responsible for about 75% of those feelings (that two handed wave gets me every time)

i also love ruffy and rory culkin (and whoever cast josh lucas as his dad deserves an award - such a great match)

hmm, i think i'm going to watch it again tonight...

J.D. said...

Plus, it looks like they're both having strokes. That's not good.

Joe Reid said...

I can't believe you can watch this movie and remain unmoved by Mark Ruffalo. I'm mystified.

I suppose I'll just have to give you a pass on account of your extreme love for Laura Linney. God, she's wonderful.

richardwatts said...

Oh. My. God. This is the film that made me bawl my eyes out, fall in lust with Ruffalo, and decide that, as good as she was in 'Tales of the City', in this La Linney was was a goddess. I'm stunned you haven't seen it before, but I'm so glad you liked it.