Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: The Accidental Husband

The first poster for this, what I assume is a, romantic comedy called The Accidental Husband annoyed me profusely because it was such a blatant example of the annoying trend of not putting actors names in the same position as their faces (what the technical name for this idea is I'm not quite sure).

Is it really so hard to put Uma's name in the centre, but raised a little bit above the others so it still appears she is the star. And then there's no reason why Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn't swap places. It's not like the poster was actually acted it with Firth and Morgan standing on the ground as the photographer dropped Uma Thurman off a building. Stuff like that just frustrates me. It's so easy to correct, yet nobody does it.

However, this brings us to the latest poster. One, which I find not as offensive as that first one I showed, but one that is quite simply far worse. Observe:


Things we can say we know after looking at this poster:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, despite getting third billing up the top, is a better face to sell a movie on than Colin Firth.

Obscuring Uma Thurman's goddess-like face is a good way to sell a movie.

America's favourite know-it-all doesn't husband, apparently.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan just drew on that book, despite neither being in the position to do so.

Thurman and Morgan enjoy sitting in bright white rooms.

How sad for Colin Firth. He is apparently a far less sellable actor than the dude who was in love with Katherine Heigl on Grey's Anatomy before he carked it and Izzie then had an affair with her married best friend. Colin Firth, the man given second billing, not appearing on this poster is fishy. I mean, hello! They put him on the poster for freakin' What a Girl Wants, and he is hardly in that film's key demographic. But, no, a romantic comedy where two men - again, I'm assuming here - vie for Uma Thurman's attention and, no. Let's not put a man on there who routinely gets people's collars all aflutter.

And then we get to Thurman, who actually looks more like Anna Faris on this poster. If you're gonna have Uma Thurman on your movie poster then have Uma Thurman on your movie poster. Don't cover her face up so that she looks like somebody else.

Lastly am I the only one getting a vibe from this poster that reminds them of this...



Anonymous said...

My theory as to why Colin Firth has disappeared from the US poster and advertising is that he is too popular. When the film came out in the UK, the UK web site had a poll where women could pick which character they preferred as their "husband". Firth won by a 2-1 margin. Since in the (awful) movie, Uma picks Morgan's character, the producers may not have been too happy about that result. The poll is not on the US web site, and Firth is in the US trailer for only a nanosecond. As bad as the movie is, Firth should wish he could be removed from the film as easily as he seems to have been removed from the advertising for it.

mB said...

It is kind of striking that Firth isn't in the (albeit still kind of horrible) poster.

Though, judging from the premise/posters this might actually be a good thing.

And Uma... why is she always in such horrible comedies/movies when Quentin's not holding her hand?

Mr. Steed said...
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Mr. Steed said...

Just a quick thought on "why
actors names don't show up in the same position as their faces". It has to do with contracts. The sequence of names (and what names should appear) in a poster is negotiated (laywers, agents, producers, that sort of people).

Everything is contratual: if the name appears above or below the title, in what sequence, size, etc.

Even the layout of credits (the tiny tiny block at the bottom of a poster) is contratual.