Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UR Girlfriend Hates Annie

But, I don't! I loooove Annie. I'm really hoping her new album Don't Stop explodes around the globe like her debut did. Annie is, for some reason, part of the "indie dance" scene, when she really shouldn't be. She's one of those artists that it seems to be "cool" or "okay" to like, despite the fact that (and this is a complement) she sound just like many other "uncool" dance/pop artists around at the moment.

But you know those indie kids, always on the look out for something hypocritical to do. Like whenever the latest band rips off New Order, yet they (the "indie set") don't actually try and seek out New Order music because that's "from the '80s" and mainstream pop music from the 1980s was definitely not "cool". It's okay to like a band that - i dunno, comes from Russia and used to be homeless - even if they sound like Vanity 6, but actually liking the original Vanity 6 is lame (even though they're a product of Prince, arguably one of the finest pop music writers to ever live). It's not cool to like Kylie Minogue because, ya know, her music is mainstream and aimed at gay audiences, but it is cool to like The Ting Tings because... well, honestly, I don't know why it's cool to like them and not Kylie other than "they're indie" or whatever bullshit excuse is being used by that crowd these days.

Do ya get what I'm saying? It's just kind of frustrating to be maligned for liking something even though it's the exact same as something else, except that it wasn't created in a basement by three guys with beards. I can't tell you how happy I was watching Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad turn the tables from being a simple pop record it was shameful to like to a great album. No matter how good "Umbrella" was, that crowd wouldn't accept that Rihanna's album could actually be good. And then, lo and behold, they actually stopped worrying their jeans weren't skinny enough and managed to realise it can be mainstream and pop and amazing.

Anyway, back to Annie. This is her new song, "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me", produced by the amazing Richard X. It's like Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts" mixed with Annie's own "Chewing Gum".

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morningside omnivore said...


Indie kids love New Order and Kylie Minogue. But they like Joy Division and Annie more. Maybe that's just an American thing, though...