Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 26/06/08

The Band's Visit - An Israeli film about a group of lost musicians. Was the subject of controversy during the most recent Oscar race after it was disqualified from the Best Foreign Language Film category for - wait for it - having too much English dialogue in it. LOLZOMG!!!!

Get Smart - Steve Carell (oh, Steve!) and Anne (oh, ANNE!) star as Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 alongside Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin and Terrence Stamp in this revisit to the Get Smart television series. Something about the trailers amuses me so.

Grindhouse - One of the only upsides, it would seem, from Grindhouse flopping hardcore and being split into two films (Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof) is that it is now a cult film and thus will continue to live forever in revivals and special screenings. This twofer movie got a bare minimum release earlier this year, which I unfortunately missed. It's getting another limited engagement rollout for... some reason.

Happy-Go-Lucky - Mike Leigh goes for a change of pace after the Oscar-nominated Vera Drake with this film about a woman who is far too happy for her own good. Sally Hawkins has already won a Best Actress prize from Berlinale and I'm predicting Oscar nominations too.

Kung-Fu Panda - So it's apparently better than most other Dreamworks animated movies, but... but... Jack Black! Angelina Jolie! Dustin Hoffman doing an Asian accent! Sorry, can't do it. Maybe on DVD.

DVD Releases for the Week 26/06/08

Arctic Tale - Apparently we need more nature documentaries.

Blonde Ambition - Madonna would roll over in her grave... if she were dead... and had any way of knowing Jessica Simpson stole her tour title... cause once you're dead you sorta lose all your brain function...

Dan in Real Life - I remember wanting to see this way back last year, but then they decided to wait until February '08 to release it here and I stopped caring. Sucks to be them.

Eagle vs Shark - New Zealand oddball comedy.

The Invasion - This infamous sci-fi flop stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig as scientists... or doctors... or something-or-other, trying to defeat zombies... or monsters... or aliens... or something-or-other. It's oddly directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, he of Downfall fame. Apparently this movie is so lame that even the Razzie Awards didn't touch it! It also had a really bad poster (left).

Martian Child - The first of two direct-to-DVD titles for John Cusack within a couple of months (Grace is Gone is released in August). This one is... well... honestly, I'm drawing a blank.

Suburban Girl - Yet another entry in the "This movie had a great original title before Hollywood studio players meddled and now it sucks" file. This Sarah Michelle Gellar movie was originally called The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing and now goes by the direct-to-DVD title of Suburban Girl. Blegh.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - If they ever make a Judd Apatow biopic I imagine they'll skip this part, no?

Weirdsville - This movie I've never heard of before stars Scott Speedman. He's so pretty.


J.D. said...

Maybe it was the combined mega-hotness and comedic awesomeness of Steve & Anne that amused you. I know it amused me.

Paul Martin said...

I can highly recommend Happy-Go-Lucky and The Band's Visit is pleasant enough. There's nothing about Get Smart that interests me. I grew up on the original and this remake just makes me want to puke.

leah said...

scott speedman...oh baby, come to mama. sorry, couldn't help a bit of a perv.

i've been waiting for ages for 'weirdsville', can't wait