Friday, June 6, 2008

Speclinkular! Speclinkular!

Some links for your end-of-week...ishness(?) I'm too pumped up with anticipation for the Sex and the City movie to really write coherently (omg 2 and a half hours until the trailers begin!!!!)

Valley Dreaming is having a coming out party! And by that I mean JD has started up his new blog. ;-)

"They misunderestimated me!" Places like QuickFlix and TowleRoad have shown off the poster for Oliver Stone's W. It's actually a good poster if you read all through it (click the image to the right to see it enlarged). My favourite "bushism" mentioned on the poster is the final one about people and fish coexisting. Aah, bliss.

Movie Poster Addict hates on the poster for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa so nobody else has to. He's a brave man.

Club Silencio exits the void of the summer movieplex and discusses some movies worth anticipating. That Enter the Void teaser poster (below) is amazing, no?

And just 'cause, courtesy of PopJustice, here is a clip of '80s Italian pop star Sabrina singing The Cardigans' brilliant "Erase/Rewind" on some European TV show. Don't act like you were never obsessed with her amazing 1987 song "Boys (Summertime Love)" at some point in your life! This whole clip is just excessively gay, but whatever. It's awesome.

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J.D. said...

I wasn't even aware of some of those Bushisms! "And neither do we"? WTF?! Insanity.

And yes Glenn, I got that. ;)