Thursday, June 26, 2008


Does Quentin Tarantino (aka QT) have a crush on Kirsten Dunst (aka Kiki)?

This is a shot from Quentin's pedal-to-the-floor exploitation masterpiece Death Proof (yeah, you heard me) featuring Kiki not once, but twice on magazine covers. Magazine covers advertising Marie Antoinette no less, not exactly the sort of movie you would think the target audience of Death Proof/Grindhouse would be keen on. I'm now trying to imagine what Kirsten would have been like in said car fetish film. Would she be one of the arse-kicking stunt gals of the second half or one of the doomed damsels from the first half?



J.D. said...

"Kirsten, please, be in my next movie! Well, whenever the hell I decide to make it, that is! Maybe by 2015. So don't coke yourself out by then."

leah said...

'our zoe' kicks major ass in 'deathproof'. she's one hell of a chick