Wednesday, June 25, 2008

People Google the Darndest Things

Sometimes I like to check out what people are typing into their Google search engine that brings them to this here blog of mine. It's usually the typical stuff - 27 Dresses and assorted movie posters continue to be the most popular search keywords - but every now and then somebody finds Stale Popcorn using a truly bizarre search that I am left flabbergasted.

Such was the case this evening when I discovered somebody found my blog using:


Apparently somebody wanted to search for all those "extended massive orgasm"s without the fuss of "emo legs" being attached to it. Those wacky people! Anyway, I was intrigued to find out which of the roughly 580 entries featured enough of those keywords to entice said Googler. It turns out it was this one.

Oh man, I tell ya. I'd forgotten all about that. Those were good times. Although, re-reading through that entry makes me wonder...

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