Friday, June 20, 2008

Links for Your Weekend

I won't be here this weekend again - it's going to be a very long weekend, trust me - so here are some parting gifts.

My New Plaid Pants and Film Experience find something magical about Charlize Theron. I got a very Xanadu-ish vibe from the latter.

Rants of a Diva has choice words for Emmy voters. It'd surely be a worthier nomination than Tony Shalhoub for Monk yet again.

Popjustice is really onto something with Solange (Beyonce's sister) and the new Freemason's Remix of "I Decided". It's killer, but it's no "Umbrella". That whole "Runnin' me runnin' me down / tellin' me tellin' me wait" part is amazing though, no?

EW has a feature on the top 100 films of the past 25 years. I'm not sure why did they didn't just wait until 2010? Midway through 2008 seems a bit odd, no? Nevertheless #100 is South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which clearly needs to be much much higher. They do, however, get props for including The Blair Witch Project which they could have easily thrown onto a "worst films" list because, ya know, that's the cool thing to do nowadays.

The Australian documents how the FFC spent $200,000 to reach a conclusion most sensible people can figure out for themselves - Australians would see more Australian movies if they were more mainstream. If you only release 25 Aussie films a year and 20 of them are arthouse pictures, then of course revenue is going to be down.

The American Film Institute lists their top ten films in ten genres instead of the usual top 100 of [insert genre]. Alas, they somehow forgot all about "horror", "comedy" (outside of "romantic comedy") and "musicals". The latter is specifically strange considering they have "sports" "animation" and "courtroom drama" as genres (which, oddly, includes an Australian film - A Cry in the Dark - that not that many people seemed to like at the time, let alone 20 years later) as well as the rather limited "epic". Ugh. The ultra-genre pieces get snubbed again. If the lists depress you (Shrek is the 8th best animated film ever, apparently), watch this greatest hits package of Jessica Alba's program comments. Yes, they got Jessica Alba to give comments alongside Clint Eastwood. Oh the hilarity. It's alright though, they only asked her to comment on the girly movies.

And lastly, the Key Art Awards announced their winners. You'd think I would be more enthused...

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I thought that was kind of strange about the AFI too, but then remembered that they've had separate countdowns for each of those categories already
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