Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Hate Terrence Howard

There. I said it. I've never particularly been a fan of his outside of Hustle & Flow - have you seen his resume? There's actually a lot of crap on there - and I've never particularly "got" all the praise that people seem to leap onto him. I spoke a while back (over at Stale Popcorn V1.0) about his ridiculous and outlandish comments about exercise ("push-ups, 1,000 sit-ups and a three-mile run before taking his three kids to school"), well now comes something even more:

a) stupid

b) ridiculous

c) offensive

d) misogynistic

e) repulsive

f) imaginary

I'm guessing a-e, although maybe he is just making this shit up because, whether it's real or not, this shit ain't right.

Single actor Terrence Howard makes potential girlfriends perform tasks to win over his affections.

The Iron Man star insists he is too choosy to settle down with one woman, preferring instead to spend his time with a harem of women.

He explains, "The greatest number of women I've dated was 12. I've had four women come to my hotel and we all painted pictures together. I was just trying to see which ones I liked the most."

I am officially speechless. There are no words to describe.


Dame James Henry said...

I like Terrence Howard, but this shit is bananas. Does he think he's on Flavor of Love or something? Did you happen to catch that article about him on IMDb a couple of weeks ago about his daughters and how he scares off their potential boyfriends. We've all heard that story before, but usually they're joking. But not Terrence-- he sounded absolutely crazy.

Catherine said...

I wonder what "painting pictures" is an euphemism for.

JA said...

I've been meaning to do a post with the exact same title, Glenn, so thank you for doing so, so I don't even have to make a post with his name in the title. I hate his guts. Everything that comes out of his mouth is grosser than the previous gross thing, and I haven't enjoyed a single performance I've seen from him - it's all the same overly mannered bullshit. He's an overrrated jackass and I dislike Iron Man even more for giving the man more fame, and presumably a larger role in the sequel. Oh and did you hear, EVERYBODY ON EARTH IS JUST DYING FOR HIS CHARACTER TO BECOME WAR MACHINE! IT'S ALL ANYONE CARES ABOUT! Ugh; smug asshole.