Friday, June 27, 2008

Greg McLean is a Sexy Silver Fox

Consider this my own unconventional gratuitous (MNPP) or Hump Day Hottie.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Greg McLean is a sexy bitch. Directors aren't regularly considered for their looks at all, unless they're women in which case it's alright to call Sofia Coppola "ugly" when critiquing her films(?!), but there are some good lookers out there behind those cameras, who rarely get to be seen enough to be appreciated.

So, as I sat watching the making of featurette on the DVD for McLean's 2007 killer croc flick Rogue I decided to take some screencaps of McLean himself because there's just not enough pictures of him out there (as is the case with a lot of the off-centre good looking types). McLean totally rocks that silver hair though, don't you reckon?

"I do..." he whispers quietly to nobody in particular

Yes, he is wearing a Miami Vice tee

And just for the sake of it, here are some other pictures of McLean I've found around these here netherworlds of the Internet. I had to collect them illegally, so I figured I oughta leave the watermark on there even though I hate posting images with watermarks. But, seriously folks. It's not like I'm profiting off JAMD property so I don't see the big problem.

Mclean with Wolf Creek star Cassandra Magrath


J.D. said...

Quite a sexy bitch, indeed.

adam k. said...

Wow, how old is he?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Wouldn't have the faintest idea how old he is. Can't find his d-o-b anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's totally rockin' the silver hair. Quite sexy!

Anonymous said...

From memory, Greg is 38/39 this year (2008).

Anonymous said...

38 actually.