Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Barracking for Summer

There are three movies in particular during the American summer that I have been barracking for to succeed. The first was Sex and the City, which proved to go beyond my expectations success-wise. Even if I hadn't have liked the movie I would have been glad for it's success, especially when you considering it could out-gross stuff like the Incredible Hulk.

The second is Wall-E, which is being released this weekend in America (we Aussies have to wait until school holidays begin). I fear it could go a bit too over the heads of the movie-going public, but I hope it goes above and beyond, because we need for animation that isn't just Shrek retreads and Pixar-wannabes.

The third film I'm cheering for is The House Bunny. An odd title for sure, but I think it's success or failure will say a lot, especially post-Sex and the City. If it's as good as the trailer (below) suggests - and, trust me, the humour in said trailer is an "acquired taste" and normally it's not my style, but Anna Faris is just too good - then it could easily reach Legally Blonde territory. Plus, it has babes in bikinis, so at least it won't get any of the misogynistic anti-"chick flick" styled criticism that City received. Although I'm sure plenty will attack it's apparent "you gotta be hot to be confident" shtick, but I imagine the movie itself won't be quite as black and white.

As for the trailer... it cracks me up. As I said, Faris is just so good. No matter what the material she's given she just makes me laugh. Whether it's as the lead in the Scary Movie franchise - I maintain that at least in the original film Faris gave an amazing comedic performance - or in small parts in critically acclaimed films such as Lost in Translation (remember her spot-on Cameron Diaz impersonation?) and Brokeback Mountain. With the voice she's putting on in the movie I reckon she'll be able to read the alphabet and still make me giggle with delight, although I think even I, perhaps, am getting too much enjoyment out of her whole Seven Year Itch moment. I particularly love when she says "maanhooole", don't ask me why. And the less said about "Oh I'm not looking to make soup" the better, or else I'll die of laughter.


"Oh you meant the president?"

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J.D. said...

She's such a comedic genius. The House Bunny better make her everyone know that... *sigh*