Friday, May 23, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: Space Chimps

It's times like these that I realise why I am doing my 100 Greatest Movie Posters countdown. It's because of posters like this one for the upcoming Dreamworks (of course) animated film Space Chimps. There's nothing particularly bad about the poster outside of the ordinary - it looks like a computer game, the general shittiness of the movie that said poster implies - but just take a look at it. See if it reminds you of anything.

When I first saw it in thumbail size at IMP I was all "Damn, that looks like Speed Racer. And, voila, wouldn'tcha know, it does looks exactly like Speed Racer.

THEY EVEN COPIED THE LOGO DESIGN!!!! Look at them! They each have that red semi-circle flip thingy above and below the title. AAAAGH!

I really do wonder if key art designers are just getting lazier or if they see the movies they're meant to marketing and decide they don't like it so they give it a crappy poster. It would seem to make sense. And nothing against the Speed Racer posters, but if you're gonna rip off a design, why would you rip off those of a now famous box office flop?

It really just boggles my mind sometimes.


adam k. said...

Well, in fairness, how could ANYTHING related to a movie called Space Chimps not suck???

Space Chimps.

There's actually a film called that? I can't get over it.

adam k. said...



Kamikaze Camel said...

haha. Aww. You'll get over it eventually, but the initial shock is quite damaging.