Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 29/05/08

Earth - A film version of BBC's astounding Planet Earth series, now narrated by Patrick Stewart as opposed to God Amongst Men David Attenborough. Begs to be seen on IMAX, no?

Flight of the Red Balloon - Hsiao-hsien Hou's latest starring Juliette Binoche. To my knowledge, Hou's last film, Three Times, has yet to be released here. This is what Juliette Binoche brings you, I guess.

Leatherheads - George Clooney's third film as director is this American Football film starring himself, Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski. As much as I like Clooney and Krasinski, I just don't think I can subject myself to that godawful game. No matter how good the stuff around it may be, the game is just so shit and boring. Pass. And they wonder why movies about that topic don't succeed outside of America. IT'S BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE CARES!

The Orphanage - A Spanish horror flick about a haunted orphanage. Rather predictably being called "this year's Pan's Labyrinth purely because it's in Spanish and about creepy stuff. I saw the trailer for this at Gone Baby Gone recently and thought they'd remade The Others (another scary Spanish flick). The kid even does drawings of people nobody else can see!

Shine a Light - Martin Scorsese's latest is this Rolling Stones concert film. Features Christina Aguilera and Jack White, amongst others, in guest performance parts.

DVD Releases for the Week 29/05/08

Awake - It was only a matter of time, really, before Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba movies started going direct-to-DVD. However, as much as I dislike each of them, it's co-star Terrence Howard who would be the one putting me to sleep. I can't believe he continues to get a free ride despite starring is shit like this.

Cleaner -Samuel L Jackson, Ed Harris and Eva Mendes star in this... movie. Don't ask me what it's about cause I don't know/care.

The Darjeeling Limited - True story. A friend and I went to see this movie and we had a joke as to how many people would be there. I guessed 20, she guessed something like 10. Turns out we were both wildly off as at least half the cinema filled up. Weird. Like this film, really. But it was still good.

I'm Not There - I never saw this Bob Dylan flick at the cinema - I blame it's woeful release pattern - but I'm very keen to catch up with it on DVD. Anybody know why it's IMDb profile features a period after the title?

Rogue - I liked this Aussie killer croc flick, although many others did not. Oh well. Thankfully they've kept the Aussie poster as the DVD artwork and not the awful (truly aaaawwful) American design.

Saawariya - An Indian title that got a bit more press than usual. It stars this man in a towel.

See No Evil - Some horror movie of sorts starring something called "Kane". I dunno what that is. Also stars Aussie Samantha Noble.

Also released today is yet another Sex & the City box set.

The ultimate collector's pack for the ultimate Sex and the City fan! This sophisticated & stylish box set includes all 6 seasons, each in its own pull-out "drawer"! Each season is also accompanied by a bonus book of information and imagery! Plus the collection includes a bonus DVD of special features!

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Paul Martin said...

The Flight of the Red Balloon is screening at two cinemas. Nova is screening from digiBeta and I'm hoping that Como is screening from 35mm. I definitely won't be paying to see it at the Nova. I'd rather watch it on DVD.