Thursday, May 1, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

I, for whatever reasons I had at the time, didn't do this for the past few weeks. Some of the more high profile releases (for better or worse) have been Black Water, Deception, The Edge of Heaven, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Gone Baby Gone, Horton Hears a Who, How She Move, Lars and the Real Girl, Nim's Island, The Painted Veil, Paris, Prom Night, Semi-Pro, Smart People, Street Kings, U2: 3D and Untraceable

Cinema Releases for the Week 01/05/08

Cactus - A new aussie flick from first time writer-director Jasmine Yuen Carrucan (fun fact - she worked on Kill Bill, Vol. 1!omg). The word "cactus" in the setting of this movie is actually a piece of aussie slang. If you're "cactus" then you're dead. And considering this movie is about a botched kidnapping in the desert, that title seems quite apt. Features Bryan Brown and Shane Jacobson (Kenny!) in small roles.

Iron Man - Hopefully this is a good omen for the "summer" to come, with Iron Man getting a release here the same week as America. Of course, I speak and the bad luck begins - a quick check of Speed Racer's IMDb page shows me that that movie isn't out until June 12 even though it's out next week in America. Goodo.

Made of Honour - Oh god, I saw the trailer for this at Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it looked aaaawful. Like, I'd rather see What Happens in Vegas before Made of Honour. Although kudos on changing to the correct way of spelling "honour" for the Australian/UK release.

Moliere - I'm going to use this opportunity to post some picture of Romain Duris. Purely because he's dreamy and he stars is this sort of French Shakespeare in Love (apparently).

Just... but... umm... SERIOUSLY! I love this man.

Silk - I love me some Keira Knightley but daaamn! And, really? Michael Pitt? Why does he still get cast in, like anything?

To the Limit - A sport documentary, also known as Am Limit.

DVD Releases for the Week 01/05/08

Again, some of the high profile DVD releases of the last few weeks are 1408, Away from Her, Bee Movie, Beowulf, Death at a Funeral and No Country for Old Men.

Atonement - I very much want to see this Oscar-winner again to see whether the misgivings I have towards the middle act of the film in retrospect are real or nothing more than my own silly "well, if so many people are ragging on this movie maybe they're right?" peer pressure habits. We'll see.

Caracombs - Some sort of horror movie. Sure to be claustrophobic. It does, however, Star P!nk, which could make it hilarious.

The Golden Compass - I just wanna see the sequels!

The Last Legion - I'd never heard of this movie before (and if I had I'd forgotten) and then I saw the cast and it stars Ben Kingsley. That's really all there is to be said, really. Unless he's in an Oscar prestige movie, he's more of a curse than Jackie O.

Southland Tales - Let me just say that again: SOUTHLAND TALES!!!!! I have been waiting for far too long to see this and it's going direct-to-DVD, but I don't care. Bring it on!

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