Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Music Clips

I'm heading out soon - Mother's Day and all - so I'm not sure if I'll have time later to post anything, but I wanted to make mention of these two clips.

Clip #1
The first clip is the Romain-Gavras directed clip for French dance outfit Justice's "Stress". The song, from their album (#6 Album of 2007). It has sparked controversy all over the world (apparently) and is one of the most viewed clips of the year on YouTube and DailyMotion. Watch it below.

I'm not going to discuss is much, except that I think it's a very good clip. It's very Romper Stomper meets La Haine, which, if you've seen those Australian and French films, you know is a frightening prospect indeed. But, the issue still rages that people will just copy the horrific acts in the clip into real life. I can't explain it much better than Adem with an E, who has written an eloquent and thought-provoking piece about it. He references Irreversible, Madonna and Aphex Twin, so right off the bat you know it's a good read. As he writes towards the end of his piece "It’s also very hard to watch; but it’s the first video clip in a very, very long time which has made me snap my back into an upright position and pay serious attention", and I couldn't agree more. 99% of video clips these days are just nothing (see the video clip of any decent pop song from last year), but "Stress"... "Stress" is good.

Clip #2
For a lighter change of pace, here is Swedish pop superstar (SHE IS, DAMMIT!) performing "Cobrastyle" on The Late Show with David Letterman. The lyrics have now been altered and it's called "Girliestyle". Or something. Enjoy.

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Adem With An E said...

Was hoping you would like the 'Stress' clip. Very happy you did; I've watched it quite a few times since and have still not gotten sick of it.

Am wondering if Rage will play it this weekend...