Saturday, May 17, 2008

Streets of Hilarity!

I saw this at JoBlo and just had to show you guys. It's a poster for some movie called Streets of Blood, which was taken at the Cannes Film Festival market. It stars Jean Claude Van Damme Val Kilmer, 50 Cent and Sharon Stone. Take a look and I dare you to not laugh your arse off.


Doesn't this poster just reek of 1980s buddy cop movies. But not one of the funny ones. Just one of the silly Van Damme/Seigal ones that were cheap imitations of movies starring better people. They're the kind that go direct-to-DVD these days. They're the ones I'd laugh at when I saw the trailers for them before watching a VHS when I was younger because the silly voice over narrator would be all "In a time when corruption and greed has taken over society... Joey Tremane is TAKING OUT THE TRASH!" and it'd cut to whoever the star was saying some silly like of dialogue like "I don't like people who cut me off. You know what I do to people who cut me off?" and then the weaselly guy he's talking to (ie; Joe Pesci Lookalike) would be all "Oh yeah? What?" and the star would be all "I do this" just as he punches the other dude in the face as he walks away smirking. Then cut to action sequence and things exploding with the narrator going "He's Joey Tremane. And he's fighting crime on the... STREETS OF BLOOD" cue title card.


(I impress myself sometimes, I really do)

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