Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sparro Break

Because I'm really digging this new song by Sam Sparro - I suppose it helps that it sounds like he has borrowed the bassline of Goldfrapp's classic "Ooh La La" as well as Madonna's "Like it or Not" - here's the clip. We need more clips where men wear dapper tops 'n' tails and do choreographed routines. Really, we do.

Considering this guy was born in Australia I'm surprised the Aussie media haven't already tagged him as "Our Sam" or "Our Sparro". They do it with people who weren't even born here, let alone those who were. And this guy has a #2 hit song in the UK. He's practically a awesome-mega-superstar.

And I may be assuming too much here, but it's nice to have a gay pop singer who isn't Will Young.

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