Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Posters of Sydney Pollack

In dedication to the great actor/director Sydney Pollack who died yesterday, aged 73. Sadly, he has died the same year as his producing partner of 10 films Anthony Minghella. Click any of them to have a bigger look. Courtesy of IMP, PosterPlus and IMDb

I really love the angle and perspective of this Quad Poster. Shame then that I couldn't find a good quality version of it.

My favourite Pollack flick. Brilliant.

Why can't thrillers these days have such intriguing and mysterious posters like this one? These days it's just closeup of Matt Damon/Bruce Willis/etc usually holding a gun. Boring.

100 Greatest Movie Poster - #69

Still an underrated quality political thriller. Better than most of what else Hollywood dished up that year. For some reason it has a reputation as universally reviled. Not sure where that came from.


J.D. said...

The Interpreter is one of my favorites. I'd actually nominate Kidman for it.

RIP. :(

RC said...

nice tribute...those are some great and many of them iconic posters.


wowee. i've never seen that THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED poster. The tagline is so salacious. But Wood is yummy in it.