Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Link: A Space Odyssey

Some links for your browsing pleasure.

The Long Take has a fascinating piece about directors who really understand pre-existing music in film. Cue: Kubrick, Tarantino and Kieslowski. The comments to the entry are worth the click over, I reckon. Example: "I'm astonished that Steven Spielberg's many collaborations with John Williams have been left out. Some of the greatest film music ever written is present in his films." I... I... Did they not read the article?

The Film Experience travels back to 1993 and reviews Jane Campion's The Piano. You know, I'd much rather read this sort of stuff than the umpteenth review of Iron Man.

Bloody Disgusting have an interview with the writer/producer of upcoming Aussie horror flick Dying Breed, which screened at Tribecca Film Fest. The film is out later in the year down here and the trailer looks interesting.

Movie Poster Addict on the poster for City of Ember. I was in the same camp as Gus and... I still am.

Last Night with Riviera has an interesting review of Aussie crime flick Cactus - the latest box office speck - that also acts a dissection of the Aussie industry that points out the hypocritical views many people have of our films.

The Melbourne Film Blog has a nice piece on the newly independent Kino Cinema on Collins St, Melb. Formerly Kino Dendy (Dendy has since been purchased by Mel Gibson's Icon Films), the cinema is probable my favourite in the city so it will be interesting to see what becomes of it. Hopefully it doesn't succumb to the fate of good ol' trust Lumiere. :(


J.D. said...

Well, if you notice, all of Williams' scores are the same thing in different clothes, so I don't think the guy was that of...

Kamikaze Camel said...

teehee, good one!