Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Linday Lohan is "Bossy"

Part of my love for Lindsay Lohan (which, I'm sad to say, still flutters) is because of her music career. Granted, calling it a career is a bit of a stretch, but Speak was a great pop album and A Little More Personal (Raw) was surprisingly effective. So when news spread that she was planning on making a "comeback" to music I was quietly excited. Rumours that she wanted to work with Timbaland were worrisome, but now a new song has leaked (!!!) and, wait for it, it's sort of awesome!

Listen to it below with a hilarious fan-made illustration in the background!

Did you love it? DID YOU LOVE IT? Cause I did. This goes back to the Speak vibe, but a bit more clubby, which considering where she used to spend most of her time (er, clubs) it surprised me she'd never really gone there before. This is just the perfect sort of song for Lindsay. It's got a great hook, it's fun, it's mainstream enough to get her some attention, a little bit "urban" but very dancey so you know it could work in the clubs. And, to top it all off, it's cheeky.

Bring on album number three, I say!

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