Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lee's Joint Artwork

The Cannes Film Festival is all ready and rearing to go. One of things that inevitable comes out of the festival, however, is the bizarre pimping of Hollywood action movies and comedies. Why the studios think putting a giant Don't Mess With the Zohan billboard is going to do anything for that movie's prospects is beyond me.

So, as I was looking JoBlo's exclusive photographs of the fest I was getting progressively bored looking at the same images we've already seen for Wanted, Kung-Fu Panda, The Mummy 3, The Love Guru etc, but my eyes perked up when I came cross the very final image they had posted.

**pardon the weirdness at the bottom, the image sort of tripped out on me in photoshop**

That's a banner (a big banner! click it to see it much larger) for Spike Lee's latest joint, Miracle at St Anna, a WWII film to be released by Disney later in the year (which makes the use of the word "joint" even more humourous). I was a bit adventurous and predicted the film to do well come Oscar time 2009 (it's about time Spike Lee had some luck with that group and a WWII drama seems like as good a bait as any, right?) and this image is the first I've seen of any marketing material for the film so I thought it was worthy of an entry.

Definitely looks "Oscary", right?

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