Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jamming at the UN

I hope Veronica Sywak (boom, namedropping!) doesn't mind me swiping this image she posted on the Facebook group for local flick The Jammed, but I felt it was newsworthy.

The Jammed is a film I've spoken about a few times before as it was truly one of the phenomenon films of 2007. The film's star, that'd be Ms Sywak, has championed the film so much that it is now breaking new ground for an Aussie film. It's getting a screening at the United Nations! The Jammed is about human trafficking so it feels like a natural fit for the UN.

Congrats to all involved, it's a well-deserved honour. I hope the story of The Jammed isn't over yet and that it continues to grow beyond the direct-to-DVD origins it was meant to receive.

You can purchase the DVD by clicking here.

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