Sunday, May 18, 2008

Her Poor Achy Misconceived Breaky Manipulated Heart

I held my tongue during that whole ridiculous furore that happened recently because of a photo Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana, Disney's Love Child) took with "celebrity photographer" Annie Lebowitz. I was in the minority in that I thought the photo, of Cyrus holding a sheet to her body and her hair a tousled mess, was actually very good. I thought it a really well done photograph showing the struggle young Hollywood stars face between keeping their family friendly G-rated innocence for the sake of business and the ever-growing need to appear older than they really are (see also: Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, etc).

People claimed she was being manipulated and scandalised in posing "topless" for a magazine that just last year put Nicole Kidman on it's cover in nothing more than a bra and sexually obvious sailor costume (hat included). I was more creeped out by the eerie incestuous photo of Miley lying in her father's lap.

Nevertheless, people went on their merry "how dare she" tyrade (both Annie and Miley) and never once stopped to think that there was a reason beyond sexual titilation for the suggestiveness in the photo. To be fair though, if you had tried to convince me that Annie Lebowitz had taken time out from doing CGI-celebrity fests then I wouldn't believe you.

However, I saw something much much more horrifying and sexually suggestive just the other day over at JustJared. It was this "Got Milk" campaign ad featuring Miley Cyrus.